Bust A Move Movers LLC
We bust ours so you can rest yours

We bust ours so you don't bust yours

Bust A Move Movers

Full-service moving company for large and small jobs

We are based in Maryland and serve the DC Metro area. Our movers are careful and experienced.

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(301) 630-2100

Job Types


Removal, rearranging, white-glove delivery and setup.

trash hauls

Broken furniture, broken tools, unwanted household items.

full house or partial cleanouts

Sometimes you just need everything...gone. We can do that.

recycling and donation

We can haul your recyclable goods to a worthy non-profit of your choice, and make sure you get the tax deduction you deserve.

moving services

Moving across town or across the river? We'll treat your stuff like our firstborn -- not a reality, but something we're really excited about.


Your tenant has, unfortunately, been a pain in the butt. We'll help ease the pain.

debris, brush, tree and limb removal

Mother nature got you down? We'll pick 'er up for you and take her somewhere to compost.

office relocation

Moving spaces? We'll get the boxes and keep it nice and organized for you.


Got something new to throw at us? We'll catch it, and then haul it off for you.


By moving fearlessly you can gain a limitless mind.
— Armin Houman


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